Organofluorine Chemistry

Author: Kenji Uneyama
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2006
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 352
Isbn10 Code: 1405125616
Isbn13 Code: 9781405172936

Review I strongly recommend it to every practitioner of organofluorine chemistry. ...this book is a detailed and thorough review as well as a valuable source of information with numerous tables, detailed formula schemes, some helpful illustrations, and well referenced citations from the recent literature. Graduate students and research chemists working in the field should read this book to deepen their understanding of organofluorine chemistry and in particular to gain more insight into their enormous synthetic potential. Journal of the American Chemical Society VOL. 128, NO. 51, 2006 This book is well written and with plenty of useful references. Organic Process Research and Development Journal From the Back Cover The replacement of hydrogen with fluorine in organic molecules can profoundly influence their chemical and physical properties, leading to a range of compounds with highly desirable properties. These molecules are of interest across the wide spectrum of industrial and academic organic chemistry, so that organofluorine chemistry is economically highly important. Organofluorine Chemistry will help chemists to develop a systematic knowledge of the chemistry of fluorine with a view towards its application in the design of new reactions and syntheses, and the creation of novel fluorinated molecules and materials. With initial chapters focusing on why fluorine creates such unique properties in organic compounds, the book then covers general reactions of fluorine. Coverage is chosen from the recent research literature, concentrating on the development of novel bioactive compounds and catalytic ligands, and explaining, in the context of the initial chapters, how and why fluorine is so effective. With a final chapter covering the general synthetic chemistry of organofluorine compounds, the book is a cohesive summary of the fundamental principals of organofluorine chemistry.

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